"Was that a seven?"...

It had been a hot night and they just could not sleep so Bleddyn and Emlyn had decided to get up. The sun was already coming up and they knew that it was going to be a scorcher!  They had been wanting to go to a lake called Llyn Celyn. It was not that far from Emlyn's mountain "Tryfan" and they had got there as the sun started to rise. 

They had found a calm part of the river Tryweryn where the water flowed slowly and it was deep for skimming stones. Emlyn was busy trying to skim stones. Bleddyn was counting how many times the stones skimmed across the water. Bleddyn shouted out, "Emlyn, that's a 7 er!"

Emlyn and Bleddyn suddenly felt they were being watched. There was a rustle in the bushes on the river bank opposite them. Emlyn said "shhhhhhhh, can you hear that?" to Bleddyn.  Bleddyn nodded and looked at the bushes.  They could definitely see something there. Suddenly soldiers came out, all them looking left and right, carrying rucksacks, guns and dingies.  The soldiers were  on a training exercise and had to get to Llyn Tegid where they were going to be picked up and taken back to their army base.



The adventure started...

 The soldiers were busy launching their dingies in to the river, loading their rucksacks and equipment in to them. Emlyn thought this was all very exciting and asked "can we come?"  Corporal Davies looked up and said "yes" in a very quiet voice, waving his arms down as if to say "keep the noise down".  Bleddyn said he would see Emlyn in Bala and flew off. 

Emlyn was put in the front of the dingy and given some binoculars and told to "look out for rocks in the water and enemies on the banks of the river." Boulders, enemies?" The river was becoming rough and before he knew it they were riding the rapids of the Tryweryn river. Behind them was another team of soldiers, paddling and guiding the dingy around the boulders and staying clear of the "stoppers".

The dingy pitched and was thrown around by the angry river.  The soldiers paddled frantically. Emlyn couldn't really see through the binoculars as he was too busy hanging on.



The rapids just kept coming and coming. The water was frothing, boiling and splashing into the dingy. The dingy bounced off the boulders that seemed to be in the way of every course the Corporal steered for.  The soldiers leaned back in the dingy steering and used their paddles to steer it through the rapids. Corporal Davies shouted instructions, left, right, back paddle, hold, now forward. He used all his strength to steer the dingy and his soldiers through the rapids.

Emlyn realised that dragons and water don't really mix well and wanted to get off but there was no chance of that. He should have thought of that before he asked to go with them.  Too late now!

After what seemed forever, the river started to calm down and released its grip on the dingy. They were soon paddling gently along calm water towards Bala.  Emlyn thought "this is better." The soldiers were still paddling hard, really hard as if they were being chased by something.   



Sleepy Bala high street...

They had soon paddled to Bala and left the dingies behind under some bushes on the shore. Emlyn was worried about them being left behind but Corporal Davies told him not to worry as someone would be collecting them and taking them back to the army camp.  

It was still very early, in fact is was still "sleep o'clock" in Bala. Corporal Davies told the soldiers to be quiet, "and that includes you, Emlyn."  Emlyn was desperate to chatter but he knew he would be in real trouble if he did.  The soldiers marched quietly down the middle of the high street. They were all looking left and right,  keeping an eye on the side streets for the enemy, after all they were still on an army exercise. 

Even the petrol station was quiet and that was always busy with locals and holiday makers filling up their cars, camper vans and motorbikes. By the time Bala woke up nobody would have known that soldiers had walked down their high street. Bleddyn was watching them from a telephone wire just above. Emlyn asked Corporal Davies where they were going. He replied quietly "Llyn Tegid, ready for an Evac." 

Emlyn wondered......"Ummm, I wonder what that is?" 


Chinook Evac...

Emlyn, Corporal Davies and the soldiers walked to Llyn Tegid. It is the largest natural lake in Wales said one of the soldiers. He could hear the noise of a helicopter in the distance. "Thwap, thwap, thwap"  was the noise and it was getting louder. The soldiers were in the car park of  the water sports centre next to the lake. 

The helicopter was in fact two helicopters! They flew over the mountains and towards them, descending all the time. They were soon on the ground and the solders were running towards them, throwing their kit into the back and jumping in. "Come on Emlyn" shouted one of the soldiers. Emlyn didn't give it a second thought and jumped in  with the soldiers. The trees were all bent over and his hat flew off in the down wash from the helicopter. 

"Emlyn, this is an Evac" shouted one of the soldiers. The first helicopter was already flying off in to the distance. 


water spray....

Emlyn suddenly felt the helicopter rising from the ground. The helicopter drifted  to the right as if the ground was releasing it.  Emlyn felt like he could just jump off again, but he didn't. The grass was being pressed flat to the ground. The nose of the helicopter tipped down and it started to move forward. Emlyn grabbed a soldier to hold on to. The soldier smiled and winked. "You're ok, don't worry."  

They cruised forward and started to hover over Llyn Tegid. The spray from the lake enveloped the helicopter and it immediately started to climb away from the lake. He couldn't jump out now.  


flying suit...

Emlyn suddenly realised he had left Bleddyn far behind in Bala.  He wondered what to do as Bleddyn would still be perched on the telephone line waiting for him. Oopps! One of the soldiers walked to the front of the helicopter and pulled out a bag that was covered by the rucksacks. He said to Emlyn "Have you ever used a "Squirrel suit?"  "Errr....nope" replied Emlyn, "Well this will get you back to Bala in the blink of an eye" said the soldier. Without hesitation, the soldiers had Emlyn in the suit and standing on the landing platform of the Chinook helicopter. "Remember to lean forward and the rest will come naturally to you, good luck!" said Corporal Davies.

"Remember to pull the parachute cord when you get to Bala or you'll fly right past!" shouted a soldier.

Emlyn leaned forward, chest out, arms out stretched and stepped forward, "here I go"...


high speed pass...

At first Emlyn just dropped through the air. As he gathered speed he noticed the ground rushing away behind him. He was flying  faster and faster than he ever could with his own wings. The more he leaned forward the faster he flew. He started to smile,  he felt like he was flying as fast as an airplane. He leaned towards Bala and soon he would be seeing Bleddyn and he could tell him all about  the rapids, the soldiers and the Chinook helicopter. 

Over Bala he pulled the cord for the parachute, It immediately opened above him and he started to drift down towards the town.  

The helicopter was soon out of sight. He loved his adventures and he wondered what his next one would be...but first he had to find Bleddyn. 

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