Harlech Castle - Castle Bagging


"Sounds like a plan!"

It was Monday morning  and Emlyn the Dragon was wondering what to do today in Snowdonia. While pondering this, Rhiannon the Sheep came around a grassy bank on her way to a crag where she had been told there was some fresh grass to eat. She asked Emlyn "What are you planning to do today?" Emlyn thought for a moment and said "I'm not really sure until Bleddyn the Buzzard pops round in a minute."  "Right." said Rhiannon. She promptly forgot about the crag, sat down and started munching on some juicy grass next to her. 

High above, circling around the mountains, Bleddyn appeared, soaring through the air as if he had all the time in the world.  Bleddyn made everything look easy. He noticed Emlyn and Rhiannon under the tree and started to glide towards them. It took him no time at all and he swooped in and landed on the branch above Emlyn. Bleddyn looked at Emlyn and immediately asked him if he wanted to see Harlech Castle which is near the seaside. He had noticed it before as it was perched on the side of a mountain looking out over the sea.  Emlyn thought for a moment and said "That sounds like a plan!"


Emlyn flies to the castle and sees far more............

Rhiannon was happy that Bleddyn had matters in hand, so got up and went in search of more juicy grass in that high crag she was keen to find. Emlyn flapped his wings and before he realised his feet had left the ground and he was flying. With one flap of his large wings Bleddyn followed and started to catch up with Emlyn. Bleddyn was soon leading, which was a good thing as Emlyn had no idea where the castle was, but he was very excited to be going to a castle.  

They were soon flying through Snowdonia's lush green valleys, past craggy mountains and over deep gorges. After a long time they left the mountains behind and in front of them was the twinkle of the sun reflecting off the sea. The beach stretched as far as the eye could see. Far below holiday makers were making the most of the sunshine, eating ice creams, sunbathing on the golden sands and cooling off in the sea. Emlyn had never seen so much fun before. He looked up and towering in front of him was Harlech Castle. It had taken a lot longer to get there than Emlyn had imagined and now the sun was beginning to set.


Let's camp the night?

Bleddyn looked at Emlyn and pointed to a landing spot inside the castle. They glided over the castle and landed inside the castle walls. It was quite late and the castle was closed to visitors, so nobody knew they were there. It was perfect. Bleddyn said to Emlyn, "I'll see you back here in 10 minutes." Then he flew off to have another look at the beach.  Time was running out as it would soon be dark and they would need to get home, so Emlyn started to climbed the stone steps in a tower in the castle walls. 

Round and round he spiralled. There was an orange glow at the top of the steps. Up and up he climbed and eventually he appeared on top of the castle walls. The sun was setting but he could see Snowdon and Crib Goch clearly in the distance. The walkers looked like ants as they made their way down the mountains after a hard day's walking. Emlyn saw Bleddyn flying back and knew he had to start thinking about returning home, or maybe they could stay and sleep on the beach. Emlyn decided to ask Bleddyn what he thought...

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