Emlyn and Derek were messing about in the forest

Emlyn the Dragon had gone back to the Aberglaslyn Gorge beside the Welsh Highland Railway to find Derek the Hare. Derek was still standing on the same rock watching the steam trains going past.  Emlyn and Derek had become good friends and had spent lots of time together messing about in the Snowdonia National Park. Today they were just above Betws-y-Coed messing about in the forest. Emlyn had found a whistle and was using it to help Derek practise his starts. 

Derek had just started running when both of them heard a crackling and popping noise in the forest below them. Neither knew what it was. "Not to worry." said Emlyn. "Have another go at your start."  He didn't have the heart to tell Derek that he wasn't very fast but Emlyn could see that Derek was really trying, so he kept quiet and watched Derek running up and down the forest track. The noise got louder and closer, so they decided to stop to see what was coming. 

The noise was tremendously loud now. It echoed off the trees and Emlyn shouted to Derek to get off the forest trail. Behind them a rally car appeared travelling at high speed, slipping, sliding, mud and gravel being thrown in all directions. The engine was growling, crackling and popping as the rally car gripped the gravel and as soon as it arrived, it disappeared back into the forest. They could hear it coming round, right on the track they were messing about on! Emlyn jumped up on to a rock and shouted to Derek "Jump up here with me quick!". They waited for the rally car to race past. 


Emlyn and Derek climbed a rock to watch

The rally car was getting really close now. The noise was increasing all the time, accelerating, braking, skidding, braking, accelerating. They could see some distance down the forest track and then suddenly they could see it coming. It travelled at such a speed it was hard to keep pace with it. Over the crest of the forest track, it's wheels leaving the gravel track and towards them it raced. They started to wave at the driver in excitement. Emlyn and Derek had never seen anything like this before.  

To their surprise the rally car started to slow down and then it stopped with a jolt right in front of them. The window slider opened and the driver asked if they were OK and wanted a lift back to Betws-y-Coed. They were OK and they definitely wanted a lift in the rally car. "Hi, I'm Emlyn the Dragon and this is Derek the Hare," said Emlyn. The driver replied, "Hi, my name is Elfyn Evans. This is my rally car and I am competing in the WRC Wales. Jump in if you like." 

Emlyn could not believe his luck. He thought "Elfyn Evans? He's famous, I'm sure." Derek got in to the back and sat on what felt like a fire extinguisher. Emlyn sat in the co-driver's seat and put on the helmet. "Buckle up both of you, we're off." As soon as they buckled up, the engine roared into life and the car surged forward.


Emlyn and Derek rode a stage

In a matter of seconds the rally car was racing down the forest track, gravel being thrown in all directions. Both Derek and Emlyn were being thrown about in their seats as the car went round corners at such speed they could not believe. Round corners, up hills, beside ditches, over crests they sped, never slowing. Elfyn Evans told them he was practising for a stage that he was going to race the following week. There would be competitors from all over the world and he was going to race against them for Great Britain. 

He said "I come from Wales so I know these forest tracks really well. Emlyn nodded but he was really watching the track ahead as there was a jump coming up. The rally car started to accelerate towards the jump and leapt over the crest. They seemed to be in the air forever. The car landed miles away from the jump. Elfyn pulled on the brake and the rally car came to a skidding halt. "We're here.  This is Betws-y-Coed." "Already?" said Emlyn. "Yep." said Elfyn. 

Emlyn and Derek climbed out of the rally car and waved Elfyn Evans off. He raced off down another track and disappeared in a cloud of dust. Emlyn and Derek looked at each other and laughed. Derek said "I guess we're coming back next week to see him race for real?"  "Oh, yes" said Emlyn. "Now back to your running........."

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